UX SWOT Analysis

of your systems and tools

The What?:

Identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats posed by your user interfaces and systems to:

  • optimise and fully leverage the investments you’ve already made
  • increase usage and adoption of what’s already in place
  • focus your future redesign, upgrade and development efforts

Law firms call Kate when they want to fix their known usability or findability issues, or are looking to upgrade or replace their systems. By focusing on the user experience Kate’s clients simplify the “feature complexity” that plague their solutions.

The How?:

  • both quantitative (eg.search analytics) and qualitative (eg. cognitive walkthroughs) inspection methods
  • UX benchmarking and comparison metrics using law-firm specific frameworks and scenarios
  • delivering actionable intelligence for prioritised and directional guidance for future development efforts